Custom Software Application Development Service

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Software that has been designed and programmed for a specific function or need is known as Custom application development. The packaged applications are different from custom application because these were designed with a general set of features to be used by a broad range of end users. Custom application development is capable of providing any feature you may desire for your software. Time and money are the only limiting factors.

Underlying possible problems, unavoidable costs and risks may occur while customizing software. Custom developed software has both high cost and high risk. When a client purchase custom developed application, he might have faced the fact that there are some problems from installing the software to adopting it to that client’s needs and purposes. Sometimes it takes time to manage these issues, causing losses of time, efforts and money. But it can be called a “force majeure” as no software solution will ever be able to predict every possible complication.
Custom developed application is often an expensive undertaking. However, it is rare that a pre-developed software solution will be able to meet all of a particular customer’s preferences and requirements as much as a customized software solution.

The Custom application development process includes few factors:


• Detailed analysis of the business needs.

• Preparation of specifications & requirements.

• Initial designing concept

• Coding/programming

• Testing (verification & validation)

• Providing training & support material to the client

• Ongoing development and maintenance.


Benefits of unique applications to the clients:

• Providing applications that meet the specific needs of their clients business

• Providing applications that are practical, portable and flexible

• Making data available to any location via the internet

• Providing solutions when no store-bought application will suffice


Exemplar e solutions, designs custom software to there client by creating programs on pre developed software. These pre developed software are benefit through the following ways:

• Fewer hours to spend on lengthy assignments

• Easy to solve other complex technical problems

• Engineers will analyze data which is to be customized.


Advantages of customization:


• Customized software is more appropriate and more efficient.

• It has less unneeded functionality

• It is easier to document and support

• It requires less time to be adapted

• It can talk a specific language or jargon

• It does what you want right after you install it.


Disadvantages of Customization


• Customized software has a higher cost

• Know-how is harder to find

• Technical Support is harder to find.

• The development community is smaller.

• There may not be enough resources to develop it further.

• One-time costs are shared by a smaller number of entities. offer software development service, custom software application, custom software application development and ecommerce software solution.


Basics of Custom Application Development

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Application development is also referred to as software process, software development lifecycle. SDLC is the development of a software product in a planned and structured process. Application development involves creating a program, or set of programs to perform a specific task, from keeping track of billing customers to maintaining accounts, speeding up business process even improving application effectiveness.

Custom application development, also known as custom software engineering, which is done on pre-developed template or boxed solutions. If a client wants to add their ideas into a pre-developed application to design a unique application, custom application development technologies are custom approaches to provide a solution to their problems. Finding new creative decisions in order to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the client as quickly as possible may be achieved with custom application development.

The aim of a custom application solution is to develop a unique application for the user, but not to develop an application, for a multiple clients or a group. Custom developed application is encouraged to take under one hat the most progressive technologies alone with preferences and expectations of the client. Custom developed application may be designed in step by step processes, allowing all refinement and possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the specifications.

Pre-developed software packages, in most cases, may not be modifiable or customized to the needs of each client; and are usually available to all unrelated users or groups. For example, software designed for an export company would be ‘custom,’ even though there could be many individual users. Software written for use by many other exporters would be packaged, even if there were only a single user in each branch of an export company.

Software Application Development Companies like exemplar e solutions, Worldwide provide custom programming and software engineering services. It has a wide experience in custom database programming, distributed website and web application development, etc.

Custom Application Development, Number of businesses requires customized application because it enables them to manage there company resources, conduct transactions over the internet conveniently and securely etc. One example would be E commerce payment transactions; a lot of businesses right now need to communicate information and pay for products and service over secure private networks. This phenomenon is particularly popular right now because of the outsourcing trend. From the simple process of fund transfer into banks to the large scale web development that updates pricing and product information globally, the adoption of this infrastructure is vital to compete in today’s modern environment. offer software development service, custom software application, custom software application development and ecommerce software solution.


Advantages of Bulk SMS Services

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SMS has several advantages. It is more discreet than a telephonic conversation, making it the ideal form for communicating when you don’t want to be disturbed. SMS is less time-consuming in comparison to make a phone call or send an e-mail. Unlike email and instant messenger, SMS doesn’t require you to be at your computer.


SMS is a store-and-forward service, meaning that when you send a text message, the message does not go directly to the client’s cell phone. The advantage of this method is that the client’s cell phone doesn’t have to be active or in range for you to send a message. The message is stored in the SMSC (for days if necessary) until the client turns his cell phone on or moves into range, at which point the message is delivered.


SMS is considered to be a spam free mode of communication as compared to email. The delivery of a SMS is more certain than an email which may land up as a junk mail.


Advantages of Bulk Short Message Service-


• The company can issue immediate alerts to their employee about emergencies and critical situations

• To send important information to key customers or suppliers, thereby ensuring that the information is received by the right person, immediately

• The company can send greetings to their clients or suppliers on various festivals or other occasions.

• Any updates or messages can be sending to roaming employees, such as sales people or technicians on the road, of any updates or messages.
In addition to one-on-one messages, SMS can be used to send a message to a large number of people at a time, either from a list of contacts or to all the users within a particular area. This service is called broadcasting and is used by companies to contact groups of employees or by online services to distribute news and other information to subscribers. We at Exemplar e Solutions provides this bulk message service which helps other companies to deliver there SMS to there target audience. A company just need few things to take maximum advantage of IT to enhance there productivity, an internet connection, PC software and bulk sms solution that plugs in to database.




1. Send multiple text messages from Computer to mobile phones at just one click.

2. Recipient phone number can be entered manually or bulk uploaded using excel/CSV.

3. Bulk messaging software is secure and easy to use utility with user friendly GUI interface.

4. No technical training or skills are required to understand the software.

5. Easy to use and operate.

6. Internet based connectivity.

7. Instant delivery of messages.

8. Edge in competition scenario.

9. Efficiency will increase

10. Cost effective mode of communication.




1. Your own key word. It will display your own registered keyword to the receiver.

2. You can send your advertisement along with the SMS.

3. Integration with the portal\website is included in software price.

4. No maintenance charge for Six months.

5. Send unlimited SMS in a single click.

6. Fully automated software, in just 3 steps you can send n number of SMS.

7. User friendly and easy to navigate.

8. Own key word have a high top of mind recall, helps to do marketing campaigning.


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Why Bulk SMS

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Short Message Service or SMS, a part of the GSM specification, is also commonly referred to as text messaging or “texting” as well. SMS is a method by which messages can be sent to a cell phone via another cell phone, a computer connected to the Internet, a regular land line, or a handheld device such as a personal digital assistant (PDA).

New research from mobile Youth shows that mobile messaging is faster becoming an integral part of their lifestyle. Indian youth are currently sending around 40 text messages a day per cellular connection and this volume will grow by more than 200 percent. According to the research the mobile market in India is expected to reach to 1.67 billion users in 2008 and the value of mobile commerce is expected to reach $88 billion by 2009. With the growth in the cellular market, the marketers have found a new way of advertising to reach the consumers. According to the GSM association, the cellular phone users send 10 millions or more SMS in a month. The addiction towards SMS and its popularity among youths has contributed to SMS advertising to emerge as the most suitable and effective medium for advertising.

The SMS has emerged as marketing communication phenomenon for the advertisers to reach their clients anywhere, anytime. One can use SMS gateways to generate the maximum awareness in client’s mind with the minimum possible costs. The SMS gateway can also be used for brand recalling. The SMS marketing provides a sure shot method for reaching a wide base of clients; more and more companies are using this method to reach out to their client base. According to the research the text message advertisements have found to boost the clients’ inclination to purchase by 36% which explains its popularity among marketers.
Short Message Service has the ability to send & receive text messages to and from mobile phones. Short message content is limited to 140 ASCII characters. SMS Gateways provide a way to send SMS to mobile phones and pagers. With the advances in SMS technology, it has become easy to send bulk sms around the world. Whether it will be a single message, or a multiple message i.e. the list containing millions of numbers.

By using a bulk sms gateway, we can deliver bulk sms’s worldwide quickly, cheaply and reliably. Exemplar e solutions is providing this service which helps other companies to deliver there SMS to there target market. A company just need few things to take maximum advantage of IT to enhance there productivity, an internet connection, PC software and bulk sms solution that plugs in to database.

Some Bulk sms gateway solutions include sending SMS via a web based interface or connecting your own application direct to their gateway via the internet. Depending on the requirement, company can select a sms solution. offers sms solutions, 2 way sms, 2 way sms gateway, bulk sms marketing and bulk sms services at affordable cost.

SEO Services – Effective Way To Promote Online Business

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In today’s world of web, the rising need of an updated website is necessitate. Just putting a website, in accordance to your business needs, will just not fulfill the demand of your business. A search engine optimization service commonly known as SEO services is a walk thought the shadows of invisibility to that of being visible. Unless the site that is uploaded is observable to the targeted audience how good a website would have been developed, it does not fulfill its complete intention.

SEO services providing company helps in optimization of a website through their dedicated promotion approaches. A committed SEO services company from India researches and plans their strategies to ensure that their clients business flourishes. A SEO service is not a one-time job. Each day we see many new websites being launched. With such increasing competition along with the periodic changes in search engine algorithms, SEO services are a must for those who want to excel.

One of the most important jobs of SEO services is to increase the keyword density and look that its proper usages have been done. What matters the most is the frequency of keyword and its placement. SEO service providers help to highlight the most significant content of a website. Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS), an offshore software developing company from India, extends its services in SEO services to all its most valued clients.

SCMS has well defines approaches for its SEO services. After making the content and technical review recommendations are made, if any. The areas where new content has to be added or one that has to be modified are identified and worked upon. In case of technical barriers appropriate fixes are recommended. The key word analysis is done with chief priority, as we believe that all concerns center to the keyword analysis. Next the link building strategy is targeted as long-term link generation brings fruitful results. Our unique approaches, we have designated through our regress exposure to SEO services and success in projects we have handled.

The use of latest tools and technologies has helped us to promote our clients. Our technical resources give each project their comprehensive attention. In case there is a need of redesigning the existing website, or if designing of a whole new website is required, we are at service. Making an eye catching website, using the latest tools and trick for worth traffic to the site is one of many feathers we have in our cap.

Vikash has written this article about SEO Service This article is about how seo service is effective way to promote any online business. SEM Infotech offer you seo service and  affordable web design services from India.

Hire a SEO Consultant from India

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You make a website to promote your online business. You want generate more leads or sales through online marketing. Finally you spend lots of money to design a website to attract more online visitors and also for invest money on website development. Now ready to float it over the internet and start receiving visitors.

First thing that comes in your mind is ‘How can improve the amount of online visitors on your website’. May be you think about offline promotion or invest money in other advertising methods. But the fact is- around 80% traffic come by top search engine ranking. According to various studies, most people prefer to click on organic search results rather than sponsored results, by a very wide margin. You need to get a high ranking if you intend to make business and a high ranking is achieved only by SEO.

SEO is a process of increase the number of visitors to a Website by ranking high in search engines results. There are lots of lots of marketing techniques are utilized to optimize and maintain search engine ranking. SEO is a constantly evolving field which requires constant up gradation by the professionals. There are lots of companies offer SEO services. But they will charge you a high amount for SEO. But if you hire a SEO Consultant you can save your money.

A SEO consultant provides seo services to clients who own websites and would like to achieve a beneficial ranking in the search engines. A good SEO consultant will not only know the tricks of the trade but also how to use them best. SEO Consultant can optimize your site to achieve high ranking in major search engines like Google, yahoo and msn, using right methods.

A professional SEO consultant knows how to make use of the right keywords to attract the right target audience to visit your website from the search engines. SEO consultant also helps you to choose right keywords for your online business website and give you some really solid ideas and tips to gain high ranking of your website in major search engines. An SEO consultant will offer seo services at suitable price. Major benefits of hiring a SEO consultant is you can save your time. You don’t need to pay high amount. A SEO consultant will charge you an affordable price. You will get 100% results because SEO consultant will optimize your site for search engines properly.

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Learn On Page Optimization in Simply Ways

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On page optimization is the major part of SEO. On page factors include all types of improvements of any website which will give you a better keyword ranking in search engine results. This article is about how to improve on page factors.

First, Make a list of major keywords, you want for your search terms. Use can use tool for choose right keywords.

Keywords in URL: If possible, target your main keyword in url, If your website related to web design company. Then the best domain name will be “” or But don’t use too many hyphens in your domain name.

Target your main keywords in the names of directories and files too.

Keywords in titles: Try to include your main keywords in the title tag.. Keywords in title are extremely important. Title of every page should be unique, depending on the page topic.
Google shows about 60 first letters of the title in SERPs, Yahoo! and MSN a little more. So if you will write longer titles, the main information about the page should be included in the first 60 letters.

Keywords in Description: According to your page content target your main keyword in description tag also. Every page of your web should have its own unique description. Because same description of every pages, probably will not fit good the page content. Keep in mind that content of the description tag is usually used by search engines as a part of website’s listing. Meta tag description should contain keywords related to particular page. Always include the keywords used in title (the most important keywords) and add some more specific keywords.

Keywords in meta keywords tag: Meta tag keywords should contain a few most important keywords related to particular page. Don’t try to repeat single keyword, it can be considered spam.

Keywords in alt tags: Alt tags can be useful for better images description and as an alternative text which is used in case that the images is not loaded. :

Try to Use your target keywords in H1, H2….. tags. The most important keywords should appear in the H1 tag, H2 (H3, H4… if applicable) tags should contain more specific keywords related to the paragraph below these headings.

Use your target keywords in anchor text. Anchor text are the words in links.

Use your keywords naturally in the body content. You can also highlight those keywords by color, bold, italic etc. Don’t use over keyword stuffing. It can be harmful for your website.

Always try to update your page content. Search Engines (Google) like fresh content. Keep your site up to date — both, the visitors and search engines will like you.
Always you Quality content.

Always Use relevant keywords in your website content. Target your most important keyword in home page, secondry keywords in other pages.
I hope it will help you to improve keyword rank in search engines results and get more visitors to your website. Good luck!

Vikash is a SEO Consultant, provides seo services, on page optimization, off page submissions, link building and website promotion services, to know more about SEO, visit my website- for sem services.